The Importance of World Intellectual Property Day w/ Kamil Idris

Eight years ago, on April 26th, 2010, World Intellectual Property Day was first launched. Since then, the global celebration has been growing in popularity, with an ever increasing list of governments and independent organizations celebrating along with the World Intellectual Property Organization, or WIPO. World Intellectual Property Day is a celebration of, you guessed, intellectual property. That is, it celebrates patents, copyrights, and trademarks worldwide, as well as inspiring would be inventors.
Kamil Idris recently released a message via on the upcoming celebrations and whay this celebration is important. Kamil Idris was a part of WIPO for the better part of twenty years, as well as being the director for over a decade. The director’s job is overseeing WIPO’s mission: to safeguard and promote one of humanity’s most precious resources: our ingenuity. Also, Idris was an independent candidate for the Sudanese president, the nation that is his birthplace.
In his report, Idris outlines the importance of intellectual property on a global scale. Without the presence of laws protecting intellectual property, new technologies and methods developed to combat global issues would never have become reality. What is the point of inventing something new and exciting if some big business can simply steal it from you? These are what these rights protect. IDris gives the example of global sports events. Without intellectual property rights, the broadcasting capabilities for these events would never be possible, and these sports events would never unite the world for that briefest of times.
Kamil Idris stresses the importance of human ingenuity. Creativity drives humanity from the creation of fire, to jet propulsion. From the first wheel, to the first airplane, great technological advancements have come from people with an idea. Johannes Gutenberg had the idea for mass production of books, and invented the printing press, one the single most defining moments of western civilization. WIPO promotes World Intellectual Property Day to bring notice to artists and inventors, whether they are famous or not.
World Intellectual Property Day, created by Kamil Idris, is not only a celebration of the ingenuity and creativity that fuel human advance, but also the right that protect these ideas, allowing them to be focused on driving economies and society as a whole.

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