The Cryptocurrency expert, Ian King Joins Banyan hill Publishing

Many people have heard about bitcoin but never had the interest to invest in it due to lack of enough knowledge on cryptocurrencies. Ian king famously known as the “crypto king” has spent his career educating people on the crypto coin. Ian is an entrepreneur and investor with 20 years’ experience in the business world. He writes detailed contents to help entrepreneurs navigate the cryptocurrency market. He is the owner and founder of Intellicoins. Intellicoin shares information on the new trading opportunities and the new crypto coin developments. They also analyze the crypto coins price and volume to choose the best crypto coin and find the optimal entry and exit points. Follow Ian on Twitter.

Ian King also writes for In his recent article, he shared his insights on cryptocorn. Cryptocorn is a new startup unicorn. Unicorns have been described as rarity startups that exceed 1 billion dollars valuations. According to him, 275 companies across the world fit in the unicorn description including Pinterest and Uber. In an assessment that was done, there were 41 blockchain projects worth over one million dollars, and bitcoin stood up in the crypto core pen.

The crypto king was born and raised in Jersey offshore city where he spent most of his summertime as a lifeguard in the ocean. Ian worked as a captain of the Belmar beach at the age of nineteen. He attended the Lafayette College University where he graduated with a degree in psychology. He joined the Banyan hill in 2017 and has been a significant editor at the company. His publishing’s focuses on crypto coins, and guides investors on how and when to invest in the cryptocurrencies. Banyan hill publishing was lucky to have the cryptocurrency expert in the company. Stay updated with Ian at

He has always written insightful articles since he joined the company. In one of his publishing, he stated that investors who still make losses in bitcoin trade, don’t take time to learn and correct the past mistakes. He also updates his readers on the peaks and valleys of the bitcoin market. Bitcoin has been leading in the application of blockchain technology. The crypto coin’s demand has dropped from 99% to 33% same as Litecoin, Etherum and Ripple.

Before joining Banyan hill, Ian King worked at Salomon Brothers for mortgage bond and trading department as a desk clerk. He also worked with Citigroup that focused on credit derivatives. Ian King, later on, joined the Peahi Capital, a hedge fund based in New York as a head trader for ten years.