Jeffry Schneider Continues To Make the World a Much Better Place

The world is a much better place because of people like Jeffry Schneider. As founder and CEO of the boutique investment firm Ascendant Capitall LLC., he has built a business that is revolutionizing the financial services industry. The company has raised over $1 billion for over 250 investment advisors, more than fifty broker dealers, and numerous family offices. His advice has led to many successful real estate, auto dealership, and tech company purchases and his team, under his leadership, expects to push the envelope this year by earning $50 million on a monthly basis. Ascendant started out with just two employees and now has over thirty.

Jeffry Schneider doesn’t only lift up, encourage, and support those who work with him or for him, but he also does the same for a large amount of charitable organizations. One of these organizations is Wonders and Worries, which is a charity that works to make sure that teens and children with parents who are going through an illness can continue to succeed in school and enjoy their lives. ThisĀ charitable organization is based in Austin, Texas, where Jeffry lives and does business, and for 15 years has provided tools that help kids cope with the chronic illness or disease their parent is suffering from. Many children with parents who have cancer have been helped and continue to receive counseling and support.

Jeffry also donates to the Gazelle Foundation, which is a charity that constructs clean water systems for the people of Burundi, East Africa. Without these water systems, the people there would suffer from sickness, disease, and possibly death. The cause has raised over $1.3 million, and the money goes directly to offering clean water to not only the general population, but also churches, medical facilities, and schools there. This has really helped to build up the infrastructure of the country, and Jeffry is happy to be a part of this and more read full article.

As an advocate for healthy living, Jeffry Schneider takes part in half ironman challenges and spends a lot of his spare time researching healthy eating. He takes his knowledge back with him to the workplace where he ensures that his employees have access to healthy foods.