Jeff Yastine Reveals The Best Way For Average Americans To Invest

Working as the editorial director at Banyan Hill Publishing (formerly named The Sovereign Society), Jeff Yastine shares with readers the financial savvy he has picked up over the course of his professional career. He has written and spoken about financial matters for the past 32 years. He is a 1986 graduate of the University of Florida. View Jeff’s profile on

In December 1993, he started working for Nightly Business Report. This is a PBS news show where he eventually became a senior correspondent. He says that he tried to look at the stories he covered through the eyes of the people involved in them. Over the course of the 17 years he spent with NBR he traveled twice to Cuba and covered both BP’s offshore oil spill and what happened the Gulf Coast economy after Hurricane Katrina had struck.

After leaving Nightly Business Report he moved on The Oxford Clubb LLC. His role was to manage editorial content for two of this organization’s financial newsletters. He also served as a consultant on the videos, seminars, and marketing that this business engaged in. Follow Jeff Yastine on

After working for Newsmax Media, Inc. for a few years Jeff Yastine moved onto his present position at Banyan Hill Publishing in 2015. He says that his organization is a team of global financial experts who advise readers on how to invest in various assets such as stocks, bonds, natural resources, and cryptocurrencies. The mission is to help people build true wealth and become financially liberated. His own advisory service at this company is Total Wealth Insider in which he offers little-known opportunities for his subscribers to invest in so that they can get in early before others know about them.

Something that he has been writing about recently is what he calls the “Kennedy Accounts”. Despite these being signed into law 54 years ago most people don’t know about them. He says that these types of accounts are far and away the best way for average Americans to invest their money. Some of his examples are their returning963 more than the best five-year CDs and 449 more returns than the global stock market.

“Kennedy Accounts” are a way to buy stock shares directly from public companies, cutting out the middleman. Even better, Jeff Yastine says you can usually buy these shares at a discount making them an instant profit. He shares more information about these types of accounts through Total Wealth Insider.