The Traveling Vineyard Is A Home Based Business

The Traveling Vineyard provides the everyday person an opportunity to become involved with the wine business. Each wine guide is properly trained and given the tools to make their own wine tasting business thrive.

The wine used for each party are created by the Traveling Vineyard and are exclusive to the parties being thrown. The award winning wines are always a success, because of their quality and taste. Wine is a great product for direct sales, because it continuously needs to be replaced.

Getting started is easy. First a Success Kit of $189 is purchased by the newest wine guide. This kit will include accessories needed for the wine parties and enough wine for two parties. Also, a personalized website is made for the new recruit. This will be a marketing tool, used to book parties and enroll new team members. The first 90 days are free, and then it will only cost $15.95 per month. The wine guide is in charge of his/her schedule of parties. There is never a minimum requirement set for any member.

Profits are made from the sales made per party. Each wine guide has the opportunity to make 35% of their total sales, depending on how much is sold. When enough bottles are sold from a previous party, a free set of wine bottles are credited to the next party given. But if the required number of bottles are not sold, the following set will be $75. The flexibility of a home based business makes the Traveling Vineyard a great opportunity.

The Best Wine Experience – Merchant Vintners

There has been no accurate or incorrect way of tasting wine. The difference comes in knowing if you like what you are drinking or not. To know whether you are having a rich wine, the wine in your glass will say it all. Drinking wine has been known to be romantic, but without the best wine, the romance can be felt. The wine has been ancient drink, and several companies have been known in the production of this ancient drink. Some of this companies include Merchants Vintners.

Merchants Vintners is considered to be one of the oldest wine companies. It was established in 1965; the wine company is owned by shareholders who are 20 in number, and they own equal shares. The firm was founded with a primary aim of assisting small independent family-owned merchants to flourish and increase in the wine market that is very competitive. The organisation has a history of starting small and has succeeded.

Since its inception, the Merchant Vintners have assisted its members financially, and have exposed their members to a distinct variety of proficiency and specialists that are usually held by the management. The exposure has benefited the members gain skills, and they can advise each other. The UK Vintners have allowed its members to have an admission of about 2 million pounds of the stock purchased at a price that is close to the shipping cost. The access has allowed the members to reduce their personal stock-holding as well as retain their access to the vast selection of UK wines and spirit of the group.

The UK Vintners are known to produce and distribute a broad range of wine which ranges from home wines to wine for your business. The company offers customers services to any individual who wishes to buy their wine either online, and the wine is always delivered to them on time. For corporate purposes, UK Vintners makes the choosing and the purchase of wine simple. Merchant Vintners also conduct training for restaurant staffs; the training includes simple pointers on wine description to deeper and lengthy level of training that is mostly designed for their clients business. The company carries out the training either in their tasting sessions or even their own venue.

UK Vintners is one of the chief and the most successful distributors of fine wine in Jersey. The UK wine company also has a know your wine selection events that they organise purposely organised for the clients to have a knowledge of grapes, wine growing regions as well as the wine growers that produce wine. The UK-based Vintner company does not only produce and distribute wine, but they also have events for tasting their wine. These events are fun, e educative and very informative. UK Vintners have a devoted and a committed team that consider their customer as their priority and has always distributed outstanding customer services.