Angie Koch Is Expected To Blog About Thought Leadership On The Huffington Post’s Contributor Profile

Recently, Angie Koch, earned a profile on The Huffington Post to make contributions. Angie is the CEO of the U.S. Money Reserve. The Reserve ranks as the largest distributor of platinum products, silver and gold.

Owing to her contributor profile, Angie shall be blogging on the platform regularly. The Huffington Post is a renowned media site around the world. Its contributor profiles are revered and are highly coveted by thoughtful leaders.

At the helm of the U.S. Money Reserve, Angie is involved in all operational aspects. In addition, she sets pace and culture for the organization. Over the years, Angie has been actively engaged in creating opportunities and values as these factors motivates her to pursue her goals both professionally and personally.

Angie’s background in mergers, operations, acquisition, strategy, business planning, strategy, and due diligence will help her develop in-depth content of how people can run successful businesses. Her contributions are expected to benefit over 79 million monthly visitors to The Huffington Post.

According to Koch, thought leadership entails utilizing different outlets to deliberate on various topics besides advising on culture, leadership, wealth management and business.  Learn more about US Money Reserve:

Her inaugural post was entitled “Three Ways the Political Conventions Empowered Women.” Here, she explored the notable and newsworthy moments in the 2016 Republican National Convention and in the 2016 Democratic National Convention.

Koch’s objective was to highlight how these conventions have helped to inspire female and women leaders.

As an online news outlet, The Huffington Post was the first to win a Pulitzer Prize. The outlet features many stories from around the world as contributed by notable writers.

About U.S. Money Reserve

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