Matt Badiali’s Tips for investing in base metal industry

For many investors who follow Matt Badiali and read his Newsletter, Real Wealth Strategist are convinced that he is a man who offers essential insights when it comes to matters dealing with natural resources. He uses his vast knowledge and experience to give informative analysis into the daily happenings of the sector and the financial opportunities and setbacks that exist within the natural resource sector. Read more at Agora News about Freedom Checks.

In one of his recent articles, Badiali was talking about the investment in metal industry and how several investors are making huge gains from it. He particularly discusses Zinc which is said is a top performing metal alongside copper and lead.

He says before 2017, there was a bear market and as a result, not many investors were privy to this type of investment opportunity. But towards the end of 2016, things started to look up and the prices grew steadily up until now. Form an economic viewpoint; he says this is due to the lack of supply of these metals. Matt Badiali says during the brutal bear market, companies have to slow down their activities while others shut down completely. Those who opted to stay did not invest fully in their operations. Read this article at

Prices for these base metals will rise throughout 2018 and urges people to invest especially in copper which he says will be a top money maker in 2018. Matt Badiali believes that for one to make a good fortune from natural resource investments, he or she needs to be conversant with how the metal market works and to strike at the right time. Matt Badiali first discovered what he calls Freedom Checks whenever he was doing research with his team in the oil and natural gas industries.

Badiali has worked in various countries including, Iraq and Papua New Guinea. He has a degree in Earth Sciences from Penn State University and a master of science in geology from Florida Atlantic University. Before delving into the world of investment, Matt Badiali worked as a Geologist at University of North Carolina and Duke University.