A Snapshot of GoBuyside, a Leading Recruitment Platform in the Investment Industry

Financial matters require an expert in the field to interpret and forecast the fate of investment especially when it comes to stock market. Many organizations have understood this fact and that’s why they keep on releasing their view on certain investment matters. One of those platforms where investors have gained valuable information is GoBuyside which is one of the leading and globally recognized financial recruitment platform based in New York in the investment management industry. Visit Ziprecruiter for career and employment opportunities at GoBuyside.

Arjun Kapur is the brain behind the establishment of GoBuyside in 2011 and 7 years later the company has spread globally. Mr. Arjun is a Master Business Administration graduate of Stanford Graduate School of Business. He later joined a high finance industry where he conceived some creative mind as a result of what he saw happening in the company; where the competition for talents increased and the company slowed their rate of employment. This led to lack of transparency in the recruitment process. This is when Kapur started designing better ways of satisfying human needs in the finance industry.

As a result of his thinking, he came up with GoBuyside which is a technology based platform which changed the process of hiring. GoBuyside basically was created to identify qualified finance professionals globally who met the needs of their clients. The firm has grown to incorporate 10,000 firms, serving 500 clients and its presence in 500 cities all over the world. The platform makes use of applicant tracking systems, online job boards and artificial intelligence so as to connect the best-qualified personnel to employers especially in the finance industry. Follow GoBuyside on Facebook.

A greater percentage of the success of GoBuyside is from the transparency of employers and potential employees. Another feature that has made this platform favorable for many applicants is its ability to view the compensation reviews, create connections in their preferred fields and get a notification when such a job opportunity arises. When the employer raises an alarm of a need of an employee, the diligence team of the platform passes the candidates through a very rigorous process and come up with the best candidate whom they connect with the employer.

Under the leadership of their CEO, the staff team at this platform have been trained and well sharpened by Kapur hence becoming well equipped with both knowledge and professional expertise that makes GoBuyside an exceptional in among recruiting businesses. The platform operates on the client-centric approach which is slowly changing the way human capital needs are handled by the finance industry.

GoBuyside recruitment platform is one of the leading premieres that are connecting hedge funds, investment managers, private financial firms, investment advisors with over 500 companies in the world. It’s with no doubts that there are even many expectations of this platform leading the way and shaping the way recruitment firms should operate in future. Analysts at GoBuyside advises that management firms, distributors, fund companies and administrators should have a certain boundary of controlling the personal information that relates to employees and investors so as to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation that’s taking effect from May 2018.

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