ClassDojo; Bringing The Classroom To You

ClassDojo might, at first, sound as if it is a classroom environment in which to learn martial arts. However, the opposite is quite true. ClassDojo is an app for your smartphone or device in which teachers, students, and parents can interact with one another by sharing photos, videos, and messages throughout the school day.

The mission statement best describes the purpose of ClassDojo in that the company desires to connect. To connect teachers with students. Teachers with parents. Students with parents. In order to make school, and the classroom, an interactive atmosphere in which the joys of learning can be shared by everyone.

ClassDojo is used in over 90% of classrooms in Kindergarten through the eighth grade. The app has also won numerous awards ranging from NBC’s Education Innovation Award to Forbes 30 Under 30:Education Award.

By using different programs within the app, parents, teachers, and students can work together. Utilizing the Classroom feature, students and teachers can share the progress of current projects as well as choosing skills in which to further their development. The Messages feature allows for students, parents, and teachers to message one another without having to exchange contact information. The messages can also be translated to different languages. The Stories feature allows for live photos and videos to be streamed through the app and communicate information that students have learned throughout the school day. The Original Content: Big Ideas feature allows for sharing content that allows for teachers to share original content in which to further develop children in their learning.

Overall, ClassDojo is an innovate app that will allow for students, teachers, and parents to further their educational experience and increase the overall value of today’s education.