HIgh School Students can Maximize their Potential with Class Dojo

Class Dojo and high school students go hand in hand. Keep in mind that Class Dojo was primarily designed for students K – 8. However, this tech tool can also for high school students as well. The following information will provide the primary benefits that Class Dojo provides for students in the upper grade levels.

Teachers can use Class Dojo to get students involved in classroom discussions related to the subject being taught. Every time a student contributes to the discussion they can receive a Dojo point that can be used as extra credit for classroom points. Let’s face it, trying to get teenagers to arrive at school on time can be a challenging thing to do.

However, Class Dojo has the ability to motivate them to get to school without being tardy. Students who arrive on time to class can definitely get points for their effort. Those points can be used as an incentive to give students extra school privileges or class room perks.

Teachers can also help students to improve their grades with Class Dojo. When students come to their instructors to see how they can raise their grade level, they can be rewarded with Dojo points. Keep in mind that high school students are generally more mature than younger students. They typically know how to conduct themselves in class. When they do, teachers can use Class Dojo to give them points.

High school students can use Class Dojo for various school related projects. Another great way that Class Dojo can be beneficial is with parental communication. Keeping parents involved with their student’s education can be a challenge for any grade.

However, it is especially difficult for high school students. The fact is that by the time students reach the high school level, parents are not as involved with their school work. Class Dojo provides a great way for high school students to maximize their potential in school.