What You Ought To Know about Vijay Eswaran and his Exemplary Career

Often, successful entrepreneurs suggest that the key to success is working smart which is true. However, without focus in the game, all the effort can go into waste. Today, the competition in the business sector is so stiff as compared to the past hence each player has to be versatile to remain relevant. Vijay Eswaran is among the few individuals whose life and career points out how success should appear.

The renowned entrepreneur was born in Penang on October 7th, 1960. Currently, his name is respected across the world for his unlimited contributions. The Malaysian tycoon is the founder of the QI Group. The group of companies is headquartered in Hong Kong. QI Group specializes in education, real estate, retail, direct selling, and hospitality. Its impact is felt in not less than 30 countries.

To the group of companies, Vijay Eswaran is a crucial individual. He serves as its executive chairman, a position that he enjoys undertaking. According to QBuzz, the management position has helped Vijay build a legacy through his top-notch skills and intellect. In the company, Vijay is tasked with the most significant duty which is overlooking its success. Vijay ensures that the group of companies thrives in all the sectors specifically in sales throughout the country.

Today, Vijay is an icon owing to his success stories and contributions to the industry. The successful business guru has managed to launch a movement in multilevel network hence building his reputation as one of the most charismatic self-made leaders in Asia. Often, Vijay says that his past experiences are behind the successful individual he is today.

The talented business person schooled at London School of Economics where he graduated with a degree in socio-economics. Later, Vijay joined the Southern Illinois University to pursue a master’s degree. School life wasn’t that easy for Vijay since he had to work as a taxi driver to get money to fund his education. No one ever saw this coming, rising from a cab driver to one of the wealthiest individuals around the world.

Vijay Eswaran is one of the few successful business moguls who loves sharing their knowledge with the world, and that’s what saw him establish RYTHM and Vijayaratnam, foundations that focus on mentoring entrepreneurs. The foundations work in close collaboration with disadvantaged communities in Asia, Middle East and Africa. Also, Vijay is the founder of Quest International University Perak in Malaysia. His charitable acts have earned him numerous accolades.

Besides, Vijay Eswaran is a celebrated motivational speaker, as well as an author. The outspoken leader focuses on topics related to leadership, spirituality, and mindfulness. Today, Vijay has been featured in various international forums to speak on management. His books also enlighten individuals on how they can progress in the business sector. Eswaran is a committed family guy. He is either in Hong Kong or Kuala Lumpur with his lovely wife, Umayal and his nieces and nephew.

Jose Hawilla — Fearless Determination

All successful entrepreneurs are full of determination. They show the type of determination that can’t be shaken or stopped. By having this type of determination, they are ready to face the failures and roadblocks that will inevitably come their way. The most common thing for an entrepreneur to face is failure. When they are determined, they will not quit. They will continue to strive for the success they want like they cannot live without it. It is their most important goal in life and they must achieve it or die trying. This determination does not come easy, and it is not common. Many people will feel distracted or dissuaded by their failures. If that happens, they lose sight of their true ambition, and they will ultimately fail again. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Entrepreneurs must also be fearless. They must not be afraid of taking risks. The risks that an entrepreneur must take to be successful are vital to their ultimate success. Jose took on many risks when he was building his football empire, and they all paid off. The risks of an entrepreneur will often be scary, and they will always be made alone, but you must never be afraid. The risk that is required to win the reward is the sweetest risk. Nothing in business is guaranteed and the world is full of risks and randomness. We are existing because of risk. You must take many risks to be more successful than your competition when you are becoming an entrepreneur.

Jose Hawilla embodies both of these traits. He is fearless and full of determination. His success stems from his ability to put aside emotion from business. Jose Hawilla was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil and he wanted to go into the football industry. He knew there were many people who doubted him; however, he persevered because of his sheer determination. When no one wanted to make money with him in his football industry, he too the risk of doing it by himself. His risks paid off. Jose Hawilla is the owner of Traffic, Brazil’s largest marketing agency. He is a powerful man, and the football industry is bigger than ever. You can search on Google for more.

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Atlantic City’s New Promise

Atlantic City is a historic resort town that has weathered many ups and downs over the years. Right now it is poised on the edge of a comeback after ten years of economic difficulties. Right now many city leaders are feeling highly optimistic about the future of Atlantic City, as the gaming industry levels out after enduring years of new competition from casino openings in neighboring states and as a much-anticipated new 250-unit apartment building gets ready to open.

The Beach at South Inlet

The new housing complex that is set to open this summer is called The Beach at South Inlet. The building is going up on a lot that is bordered by

Connecticut, Atlantic, New Jersey and Pacific Avenues, and it is a development that comes from Boraie Development, LLC. According to a recent story in The Press of Atlantic City, the complex is being built with an eye towards satisfying the demands and expectations of the millennial generation of workers in Atlantic City. According to Waseem Boraie, Vice President of Boraie Development, LLC, these new workers want to live in housing that offers all the finest amenities, like a luxurious lounge area, a pool and a state-of-the-art gym. According to Omar Boraie, The Beach at South Inlet offers all of this and more. Visit Central Jersey Working Moms to see more.

Getting Ready For a Comeback

According to WSJ, in the story in The Press at Atlantic City, Boraie also discusses the great need that exists now for more modern housing in Atlantic City and other parts of New Jersey. According to Boraie, right now, 60 percent of the housing in Atlantic City was built forty years ago, so there’s just no doubt that more upscale housing along the lines of The Beach at South Inlet is called for. It’s Boraie’s hope that the new building will provide housing for many of the 50,000 workers in the city who need a good place to live that offers a taste of luxury along with a short commute.

Boraie Development, LLC is a company with a long track record of developing successful properties in Atlantic City, and an enduring belief in the city’s future. It’s hoped that with the opening of The Beach at South Inlet, that belief in this city’s great prospects will once again be proven right.

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A Creative, Open Mindset Is Samuel Strauch’s Secret For Success

The sandy beaches and sunshine of Miami are a dream destination for many people around the United States and even throughout the world. While it is best-known as a vacation spot to have fun on the beach, Samuel Strauch saw something more when he moved there. He saw a growing metropolis in a beautiful area that would provide the perfect opportunity to run his real estate business.

Metrick Holdings in Miami is now a top company, and Samuel Strauch can credit much of that success to a combination of hard work, good timing, and a creative and open minded approach to problems.

No two days are alike in his business model. He spends much of his day meeting with clients and investors, and building his network across the real estate industry and its offshoots. Just by regularly interacting with people and seeing what’s out there, Samuel Strauch said in a recent interview, he can find hot new properties and clients for his business.

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Miami’s vibrant culture and fast growth means there are always new ideas coming up for real estate and investment properties. That’s why Samuel Strauch says that staying creative and being open to whatever comes his way was a big part of his success story. It also lets him find win-win solutions, which are more attractive to everyone during the investment cycle.

Yet having the idea is not enough. Timing and implementation are essential to keeping a good idea going, and launching it into reality. The new millennium has brought with it several new trends and ideas for how to live, work, and share community, and that means the real estate and property development must evolve and grow with it.

Samuel Strauch’ fundamental approach, being creative, having an open mind, and finding positive solutions is one that many entrepreneurs can learn from.

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Jeff Schneider – An Entrepreneur Who Gives

Austin philanthropist, father of 3, and business executive, Jeffry Schneider can motivate and encourage any individual looking to improve themselves. A well-rounded human who takes physical fitness and overall wellness seriously, he is also CEO of a company in Austin, TX. Because of all his activities, he has a strict and busy schedule. But he doesn’t let this discourage him from accomplishing whatever he decides to hone in on. From his hectic schedule characterized by back-to-back meetings, appointments, and traveling, he still finds a way to create time for physical fitness and personal wellness.

He wakes up every morning before sunrise (often even before his alarm), so he can hit the gym, exercise, and maintain his healthy lifestyle. If he’s in a place where he can’t access a gym, he takes a jog at a nearby park. In addition to working out daily, Jeff loves running marathons, eating healthy food at almost every meal, as well as meditating. It’s amazing and inspiring to see how much time he devotes to his health especially compared to others in his field. His commitment illustrates the idea that no one is too busy to change their habits. Instead of wasting time finding reasons why he can’t do something, Jeff simply goes for it. due to his desire to be more productive at work and live a longer, happier life, Jeff refuses to make excuses that support why he can’t accomplish a goal.  This is just one of his many admirable qualities.

Because Jeff understands that the future of our world hinges on what today’s youth are taught, he seeks to help kids of all ages and backgrounds improve not only their fitness but their emotional health as well. By working with nonprofit organizations that focus on enriching children’s lives, Jeffry strives to teach children including his own how making healthy choices today can positively transform their future.

As a means of growth and personal fulfillment, Jeffry Schneider also participates in charity work. As a humanitarian, Jeffry observes that it is not sufficient to donate money to a charitable organization; it is equally important to participate in its main objectives. Throughout the last decade, Jeffry Schneider has focused on giving back to the less fortunate while using his leadership skills to make a positive impact.

Jeffry Schneider actively tries to find alternative ways to give back. He spends time reading to kids in schools, actively fundraising for nonprofit organizations, and participating in charity marathons. Jeffry Schneider champions the value of giving back to the community and the world. As a philanthropist, Jeffry Schneider believes first and foremost in helping those who help others. He focuses on sponsoring specific individuals that have demonstrated a strong commitment to helping the disadvantaged around the world overcome hardships.

As he continues to do all he can to give back, Jeffry Schneider remains dedicated and focused on building better communities. By helping kids self-actualize and by helping individuals understand the value of community bonds, Jeffry demonstrates daily what it takes to be an effective leader.