Sean Penn Takes on the World in Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

Actor, screenwriter, producer, director, activist, war correspondent, and interviewer Sean Penn has just hung a new hat on the old rack, novelist. The, apparently retired, actor’s new book is titled, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”, and is an eclectic set of crazy. According to Marc Maron, who hosted a podcast interview with Penn, the book should be read slowly. It uses a lot of big words, and many of them may be unfamiliar to the general public. The book is labeled a satire but is in reality it is a segmented work of poetry, interlaced with ranting and storytelling. On the whole it follows the exploits of Bob Honey, a septic tank salesman moonlighting as a government assassin. It is an expanded version of the audio book Penn debuted back in 2016, which he authored under the pseudonym Pappy Pariah. It is now optimized with a more detailed story and choked full of Penn’s broad perspective on social issues. Like most satires, underneath the cheeky humor are hints of truth meant to open minds.

Penn is known for his political activism, so it is no surprise that Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff makes bold references to Trump. The current president is characterized as Mr. Landlord in the book, and Penn uses his inclusion to mark upon his concerns for the country. According to his interview with Marc he began feeling this way back in 2016. As did many celebs who made their political leanings known via entertainment mediums. Trump is not the only target as Penn includes other people as well. He based a character named Fletcher on El Chapo, whom he interviewed. Penn also offers scathing critiques of past events, like the Las Vegas shooting, or the problems in Yemen, pokes at Scientology, and even dedicates four pages to #MeToo. The latter has actually put the actor in some hot water, not that Penn really cares.

His admonishment of #MeToo comes in the form of a four-page poem that calls the movement out for playground tactics, belittling sexual abuse, and orchestrating witch hunts for the accused. Penn has made such statements before but their inclusion in the book caused some upset. A few reporters even suggested Penn apologize. True to the form presented in his book, Penn declined, stating that the reader will take away what they want. According to Penn the section actually supports movements like #MeToo.