The journey of a hundred thousand miles that Doug Levitt took to gather experiences that will last several lifetimes

When was the last time that you interacted with a person from the other side of the society? Well, dropping a coin into the grocery store’s donation box is commendable, but have you ever actually interacted with people who have done time in the correctional facilities, or the homeless? Well, this is the part of society that Doug Levitt was targeting when he started on his journey of hundreds of thousands of miles across the country. A decade later and thousands of experiences after he boarded the first Greyhound bus, Doug is back with a collection of inspiring images and a profound musical album about the human condition.


For Doug Levitt, the journey of understanding the human condition did not start when he boarded the bus; there is a series of events that prepared him for the path that he finally took as an artist. Doug is the youngest son of the Washington D.C City Council Member and Candidate for the Mayor’s Seat, Carol Schwartz. When Levitt was 16, his father committed suicide, something which shocked him. I t also created a need for him to understand the human condition. He continued his undergraduate studies and graduated from the Woodrow Wilson High School. He proceeded to Cornell University and later earned a Full Bright Scholarship to study International Relations at the London School of Economics.


He was a foreign correspondent for some of the international media houses before he quit, embarking on his decade-long journey. When he started, he wanted to traverse the country and gather experiences from people who had had the roughest from life and were still pushing on. He has met and interacted with ex-convicts, illegal immigrants, jobless and homeless people, refugees of wars and many other people experiencing the toughness of life.


Besides the beautiful musical album that came from his experiences, Doug has also managed to capture more than 20,000 images of the people and situations that were part of his journey. These have been exhibited at the Kennedy Center and many other locations around the country. His journey is a real inspiration to everyone.

Josh Verne’s Ways of Succeeding in Life and Business

For more than two decades, Josh Verne has worked to found and sell more than 50 business companies in the United States. All these years of experience have taught Josh many things in the life of a serial entrepreneur. Josh is one of the most experienced people in business in the United States. According to him, many things form the building blocks of business conglomerates in a typical company. According to him, Vision is the art that lets few people see what other people can never do in their entire life. He is the CEO and Founder of This is a multilateral business environment which has more than 20,000 people in the United States.


There are things you must follow to make you succeed in life and business.

  1. Listen more, speak less

This is one of the most profound points in Josh’s list of professional capabilities. According to him, a man has only one mouth and two ears. For this reason, they must work to use them in the correct proportion. Listen twice as much as you talk. In this way, you will gain will the wisdom in the minds of many. While you speak less, you will always have more power at whatever you speak. You will also appear more authoritative at whatever you talk. People will tend to listen more to those who speak less and work more.


  1. Have a balance in life

Life is a matter of balancing equations. According to Josh Verne, it is an act if balancing. For this reason, you must follow your heart to situations which make it better in balancing. While you own all the money in the world, you will always suffer if your health and home life are never in good order. On the other hand, you can have a shredded body and a loving family. However, your family will always suffer if you don’t make enough money to sustain them.


For you to have a balance in life, it is never about spending all the money you make on a daily basis. However, it is about making all the basic entities of life matter most to your persona life. Progress is what matters in the life of a business person. While your business is thriving, you must also afford time away with your family. You must also strive to have the specific entities of your life improve including personal growth, wealth, health, and relationships.