Adam Milstein, a true Jewish Patriot

Adam Milstein is a native of Israel born in Haifa by parents from two countries, making him an Israel-American. In 1981, he was able to earn an MBA from USC. Adam Milstein is an entrepreneur as seen by his co-founding of Adam and Gila Milstein foundation. His entrepreneurial skills are not just manifested in his foundation as he is also a managing partner. He is responsible for managing Hager Pacific Properties finances, properties, and disposition. Also, being an Israel-American enables him to head the Israel-American council as its chairman.

Adam Milstein is not only passionate about leadership but also in philanthropic work. His foundation supporting many charitable organizations is a clear indication he has a philanthropist heart. He is mostly involved in philanthropy to strengthen Jewish people and Israel nation. Adam Milstein’s passion extends to humanitarian acts being involved in many fundraising activities. Also, he has come together with people he shares the same ideas, for the well-being of the society. He is also a pro-Israel activist and for the Jewish Education.

Adam Milstein has been able to write his views on radicalization for Jewish News Syndicate (JNS). On one of his article, he acknowledged that anti- Semitism is the main reason why radical Muslim movements are founded. He also added that this anti-Semitism gave birth to a community known as the radical leftism which contributed to that radicalized breeding hate, bigotry, and racism. The radical leftist had come together with the radicalized Muslims to be involved in vices; stoning women, being against gays and not recognizing the rights of the minorities and less fortunate in society. He added that Linda Sarsour among others came together for the common purpose of achieving freedom of speech, tolerance, and anti-Semitism.

Adam Milstein in the article added that there had been a condemnation of Israel’s acts; New-York University has condemned Israel in a guide, two rallies held in Chicago too focused in this condemnation, and it’s seen that the Jewish who tried to be involved during an event to oppose sexual violence was condemned.

Matt Badiali’s Tips for investing in base metal industry

For many investors who follow Matt Badiali and read his Newsletter, Real Wealth Strategist are convinced that he is a man who offers essential insights when it comes to matters dealing with natural resources. He uses his vast knowledge and experience to give informative analysis into the daily happenings of the sector and the financial opportunities and setbacks that exist within the natural resource sector. Read more at Agora News about Freedom Checks.

In one of his recent articles, Badiali was talking about the investment in metal industry and how several investors are making huge gains from it. He particularly discusses Zinc which is said is a top performing metal alongside copper and lead.

He says before 2017, there was a bear market and as a result, not many investors were privy to this type of investment opportunity. But towards the end of 2016, things started to look up and the prices grew steadily up until now. Form an economic viewpoint; he says this is due to the lack of supply of these metals. Matt Badiali says during the brutal bear market, companies have to slow down their activities while others shut down completely. Those who opted to stay did not invest fully in their operations. Read this article at

Prices for these base metals will rise throughout 2018 and urges people to invest especially in copper which he says will be a top money maker in 2018. Matt Badiali believes that for one to make a good fortune from natural resource investments, he or she needs to be conversant with how the metal market works and to strike at the right time. Matt Badiali first discovered what he calls Freedom Checks whenever he was doing research with his team in the oil and natural gas industries.

Badiali has worked in various countries including, Iraq and Papua New Guinea. He has a degree in Earth Sciences from Penn State University and a master of science in geology from Florida Atlantic University. Before delving into the world of investment, Matt Badiali worked as a Geologist at University of North Carolina and Duke University.


The Importance of World Intellectual Property Day w/ Kamil Idris

Eight years ago, on April 26th, 2010, World Intellectual Property Day was first launched. Since then, the global celebration has been growing in popularity, with an ever increasing list of governments and independent organizations celebrating along with the World Intellectual Property Organization, or WIPO. World Intellectual Property Day is a celebration of, you guessed, intellectual property. That is, it celebrates patents, copyrights, and trademarks worldwide, as well as inspiring would be inventors.
Kamil Idris recently released a message via on the upcoming celebrations and whay this celebration is important. Kamil Idris was a part of WIPO for the better part of twenty years, as well as being the director for over a decade. The director’s job is overseeing WIPO’s mission: to safeguard and promote one of humanity’s most precious resources: our ingenuity. Also, Idris was an independent candidate for the Sudanese president, the nation that is his birthplace.
In his report, Idris outlines the importance of intellectual property on a global scale. Without the presence of laws protecting intellectual property, new technologies and methods developed to combat global issues would never have become reality. What is the point of inventing something new and exciting if some big business can simply steal it from you? These are what these rights protect. IDris gives the example of global sports events. Without intellectual property rights, the broadcasting capabilities for these events would never be possible, and these sports events would never unite the world for that briefest of times.
Kamil Idris stresses the importance of human ingenuity. Creativity drives humanity from the creation of fire, to jet propulsion. From the first wheel, to the first airplane, great technological advancements have come from people with an idea. Johannes Gutenberg had the idea for mass production of books, and invented the printing press, one the single most defining moments of western civilization. WIPO promotes World Intellectual Property Day to bring notice to artists and inventors, whether they are famous or not.
World Intellectual Property Day, created by Kamil Idris, is not only a celebration of the ingenuity and creativity that fuel human advance, but also the right that protect these ideas, allowing them to be focused on driving economies and society as a whole.

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The Cryptocurrency expert, Ian King Joins Banyan hill Publishing

Many people have heard about bitcoin but never had the interest to invest in it due to lack of enough knowledge on cryptocurrencies. Ian king famously known as the “crypto king” has spent his career educating people on the crypto coin. Ian is an entrepreneur and investor with 20 years’ experience in the business world. He writes detailed contents to help entrepreneurs navigate the cryptocurrency market. He is the owner and founder of Intellicoins. Intellicoin shares information on the new trading opportunities and the new crypto coin developments. They also analyze the crypto coins price and volume to choose the best crypto coin and find the optimal entry and exit points. Follow Ian on Twitter.

Ian King also writes for In his recent article, he shared his insights on cryptocorn. Cryptocorn is a new startup unicorn. Unicorns have been described as rarity startups that exceed 1 billion dollars valuations. According to him, 275 companies across the world fit in the unicorn description including Pinterest and Uber. In an assessment that was done, there were 41 blockchain projects worth over one million dollars, and bitcoin stood up in the crypto core pen.

The crypto king was born and raised in Jersey offshore city where he spent most of his summertime as a lifeguard in the ocean. Ian worked as a captain of the Belmar beach at the age of nineteen. He attended the Lafayette College University where he graduated with a degree in psychology. He joined the Banyan hill in 2017 and has been a significant editor at the company. His publishing’s focuses on crypto coins, and guides investors on how and when to invest in the cryptocurrencies. Banyan hill publishing was lucky to have the cryptocurrency expert in the company. Stay updated with Ian at

He has always written insightful articles since he joined the company. In one of his publishing, he stated that investors who still make losses in bitcoin trade, don’t take time to learn and correct the past mistakes. He also updates his readers on the peaks and valleys of the bitcoin market. Bitcoin has been leading in the application of blockchain technology. The crypto coin’s demand has dropped from 99% to 33% same as Litecoin, Etherum and Ripple.

Before joining Banyan hill, Ian King worked at Salomon Brothers for mortgage bond and trading department as a desk clerk. He also worked with Citigroup that focused on credit derivatives. Ian King, later on, joined the Peahi Capital, a hedge fund based in New York as a head trader for ten years.


A Snapshot of GoBuyside, a Leading Recruitment Platform in the Investment Industry

Financial matters require an expert in the field to interpret and forecast the fate of investment especially when it comes to stock market. Many organizations have understood this fact and that’s why they keep on releasing their view on certain investment matters. One of those platforms where investors have gained valuable information is GoBuyside which is one of the leading and globally recognized financial recruitment platform based in New York in the investment management industry. Visit Ziprecruiter for career and employment opportunities at GoBuyside.

Arjun Kapur is the brain behind the establishment of GoBuyside in 2011 and 7 years later the company has spread globally. Mr. Arjun is a Master Business Administration graduate of Stanford Graduate School of Business. He later joined a high finance industry where he conceived some creative mind as a result of what he saw happening in the company; where the competition for talents increased and the company slowed their rate of employment. This led to lack of transparency in the recruitment process. This is when Kapur started designing better ways of satisfying human needs in the finance industry.

As a result of his thinking, he came up with GoBuyside which is a technology based platform which changed the process of hiring. GoBuyside basically was created to identify qualified finance professionals globally who met the needs of their clients. The firm has grown to incorporate 10,000 firms, serving 500 clients and its presence in 500 cities all over the world. The platform makes use of applicant tracking systems, online job boards and artificial intelligence so as to connect the best-qualified personnel to employers especially in the finance industry. Follow GoBuyside on Facebook.

A greater percentage of the success of GoBuyside is from the transparency of employers and potential employees. Another feature that has made this platform favorable for many applicants is its ability to view the compensation reviews, create connections in their preferred fields and get a notification when such a job opportunity arises. When the employer raises an alarm of a need of an employee, the diligence team of the platform passes the candidates through a very rigorous process and come up with the best candidate whom they connect with the employer.

Under the leadership of their CEO, the staff team at this platform have been trained and well sharpened by Kapur hence becoming well equipped with both knowledge and professional expertise that makes GoBuyside an exceptional in among recruiting businesses. The platform operates on the client-centric approach which is slowly changing the way human capital needs are handled by the finance industry.

GoBuyside recruitment platform is one of the leading premieres that are connecting hedge funds, investment managers, private financial firms, investment advisors with over 500 companies in the world. It’s with no doubts that there are even many expectations of this platform leading the way and shaping the way recruitment firms should operate in future. Analysts at GoBuyside advises that management firms, distributors, fund companies and administrators should have a certain boundary of controlling the personal information that relates to employees and investors so as to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation that’s taking effect from May 2018.


Octavio de Lazari Junior Named 5th President Of Bradesco

Octavio de Lazari Junior will become Bradesco’s 5th president since it was founded in 1943, by Amador Aguiar the company’s founder and first president. Luiz Carlos Trabuco confirmed the decision to go forward despite some push back from other board members. Octavio de Lazari Junior’s experience really cannot be denied in him being qualified to lead the financial services giant.

Octavio de Lazari Junior is alos the Chairman of the Board of Directors Association of Real Estate Credit nd Savings (Abecip). Attending the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences of Osasco, where Octavio de Lazari Junior earned a Graduates degree in economics. Mr. Octavio de Lazari Junior also has a specialization in Financial Strategies and Marketing Fundacao Instituto de Administracao. Octavio de Lazari Junior, is currently one of the seven Executive Vice Presidents of Bradesco. Started in 1978, Octavio de Lazari Junior would rise to be an Agency Manager. Octavio de Lazari Junior also held the title of Director of Credit in 1998. As the credit director, Octavio de Lazari Junior wisely focused credit solutions for smaller to midsized companies. Octavio de Lazari Junior in 2010 became Department Director of Loans and Financing, before he was appointed to sit on the Board of Directors Officer in 2012.

Read more: Bradesco anuncia novo presidente: Octavio de Lazari Junior vai substituir Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi

Luiz Carlos Trabuco the current president of Bradesco, has worked in many areas within the company given him a unique prospective on being an effective leader of a large company. Luiz Carlos Trabuco began as bank teller back in 1969, in Marilia, the founding city of Bradesco. Luiz Carlos Trabuco would only hold that position for two years before moving Sao Paulo, where in 1984 he would be the Director of Marketing. Luiz Carlos Trabuco lead the marketing department in culture change at Bradesco. Luiz Carlos Trabuco began a more transparent approach when dealing with the media, in an effort to improve public relations. Luiz Carlos Trabuco was the leader of Bradesco’s pension company from 1992 to 1998. As president of Bradesco Seguros from 2003 to 2009, Luiz Carlos Trabuco doubled the company size and increased profits by 10%. In 2009, Luiz Carlos Trabuco became the president of Bradesco. As president, Luiz Carlos Trabuco with the support of Lazaro Brandao, the current Chairman of the Board approval closed a $5.2 billion deal to acquire HSBC in 2015. The $5.2 billion deal was the biggest of the year in the country, and Luiz Carlos Trabuco was named Entrepreneur of the year by Money magazine.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is very optimistic regarding the future in the country for the credit market, because despite the political issues, politics and economics are not correlated, according to Mr. Trabuco on

Learn more about Luiz Carlos Trabuco:,bradesco-anuncia-substituto-de-luiz-trabuco-na-presidencia-do-banco,70002178384

Lacey and Larkin Continue Heroic Fight Against Arpaio

When the opportunity to invalidate Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s pardon came across Judge Susan Bolton’s desk, very few were expecting her to do the unthinkable and actually invalidate — sadly, she didn’t and Arpaio walked free. The President of the United States, for reasons unbeknownst to many, went out of his way to free a man who has gone on record comparing his “Tent City” of inmates housed outdoors in the Arizona heat to a concentration camp. Read more: Michael Lacey | LinkedIn and Michael Lacey | Twitter

Two gentleman who know the relentless pettiness of Arpaio better than most are Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey who were major contributors of The Phoenix New Times, a newspaper not afraid to call Arpaio on his destructive (and lawless) behavior, and thus were arrested by the Sheriff for doing their job as journalists.

This sort of mockery of justice was considered a step too far, even by Arpaio’s hilariously low standards. Though Larkin and Lacey luckily never faced serious jail time it was still another piece of proof that Arpaio would spare nothing in order to cling to his power.

Sadly, the arrest of the two media men was merely the icing on the cake of what was actually years of harassment and petty behavior. In addition to wasting taxpayers resources in order to arrest Larkin and Lacey, Arpaio actually banned Phoenix New Times reporters from his press conference in order to duck their questions.

Lacey and Larkin’s impressive careers deserve recognition for so much more than just their arrest at the hands of the lawless Sheriff. Indeed, they have built a considerable media network (Village Voice Media) that at its zenith reached over nine million print subscribers and an additional 56 million in online hits.

Today, Lacey and Larkin are still on the proverbial front lines in the fight against Joe Arpaio — launching the Frontera Fund as a sort of catch-all that seeks to bring the horrors of Arpaio’s reign into the limelight. Using affiliations with powerful groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and Promise Arizona, the Frontera fund has been able to fight back against anti-immigrant sentiments pushed by conservative voices in Arizona and beyond.

One of their most poignant campaigns has been the fight for DREAMers in which they have lent their voices in support for the children who have lived their entire lives in America and so desperately want to be recognized as citizens. The Frontera Fund represents the latest in a series of media ventures by the pair, and as an exciting outlet of their proven success.

Lacey and Larkin have been a duo since their time at Arizona State University where they dropped out in order to provide an honest, progressive voice in the Phoenix area where they felt the conservative news outlets were presenting fake narratives about the local anti-war protests.

Since then, they have been on the cutting-edge of the media business — and if their past success is any example former Sheriff Arpaio shouldn’t consider his pardoning the end of the story. Lacey and Larkin are not easily dissuaded, arrest didn’t do it, and neither will this Presidential pardon.

Fagali’I Airport

The Fagali’I Airport is one of the largest airports in and around Samoa. The airport has a long history. It is a single runaway that was once a grass strip. It was not paved until 2002. The once government owned airport was closed in 2005 due to safety concerns and complaints regarding noise from the villagers.

Polynesian airlines reopened the airport in 2009 and resumed international flights according to The airport is considered a hub and it does not have the many amenities associated with larger terminals.

Whether it is due to the history of the airport or because of the number of airlines that fly from and into the airport, it is always a busy place for a small terminal. Fagali’I offers a variety of budget-friendly flight options that can be booked easily through the airport’s website.


Though the Fagali’I Airport itself does not have much to offer, the area surrounding it does. There are many hotels and resorts within five miles of the airport. There are many different transportation options from the airport. If staying at a local hotel, check for shuttle services. Renting a car is an option, but a temporary local license is required. Taxi services are available and there is a bus stop within walking distance of the airport.

When visiting Apia, take time to soak up the sun and learn about the culture. There are many places to enjoy the local cuisine according to Plan a visit to the Samoa Cultural Village and learn about the ways of the villagers. The Maketi Fou Food Market is the place to shop and find souvenirs to take home. The temples and vistas make beautiful photo backdrops.

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Jeff Yastine Reveals The Best Way For Average Americans To Invest

Working as the editorial director at Banyan Hill Publishing (formerly named The Sovereign Society), Jeff Yastine shares with readers the financial savvy he has picked up over the course of his professional career. He has written and spoken about financial matters for the past 32 years. He is a 1986 graduate of the University of Florida. View Jeff’s profile on

In December 1993, he started working for Nightly Business Report. This is a PBS news show where he eventually became a senior correspondent. He says that he tried to look at the stories he covered through the eyes of the people involved in them. Over the course of the 17 years he spent with NBR he traveled twice to Cuba and covered both BP’s offshore oil spill and what happened the Gulf Coast economy after Hurricane Katrina had struck.

After leaving Nightly Business Report he moved on The Oxford Clubb LLC. His role was to manage editorial content for two of this organization’s financial newsletters. He also served as a consultant on the videos, seminars, and marketing that this business engaged in. Follow Jeff Yastine on

After working for Newsmax Media, Inc. for a few years Jeff Yastine moved onto his present position at Banyan Hill Publishing in 2015. He says that his organization is a team of global financial experts who advise readers on how to invest in various assets such as stocks, bonds, natural resources, and cryptocurrencies. The mission is to help people build true wealth and become financially liberated. His own advisory service at this company is Total Wealth Insider in which he offers little-known opportunities for his subscribers to invest in so that they can get in early before others know about them.

Something that he has been writing about recently is what he calls the “Kennedy Accounts”. Despite these being signed into law 54 years ago most people don’t know about them. He says that these types of accounts are far and away the best way for average Americans to invest their money. Some of his examples are their returning963 more than the best five-year CDs and 449 more returns than the global stock market.

“Kennedy Accounts” are a way to buy stock shares directly from public companies, cutting out the middleman. Even better, Jeff Yastine says you can usually buy these shares at a discount making them an instant profit. He shares more information about these types of accounts through Total Wealth Insider.


The American Institute Of Architects Is Known As One Growing Organization

It was on February 1st of 2011 that the American Institute of architects proudly decided to appoint Robert Ivy as being the Chief Executive Officer and also the newest Executive Vice President. Today, Robert has been able to hold several career positions that he is proud of, one of these happens to be a position that he held since 1996 as being the editor in chief of Architectural Record. Another position that he proudly holds is being the editorial director and the vice president for McGraw Hill.

With Roberts new position at the American Institute of architects, he will be responsible for managing the national office that is located in Washington DC. This will be done through a 56 million dollar annual budget and also with 206 employees to help him. One of the main things that he will also be focusing on is practice issues within the Institute, along with focusing on the design, both of these he will be doing with hopes to help enhance the voice of the American Institute of Architects along with the architectural fields’ name.

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The American Institute of Architects happens to be a professional Organization that consists of tons of different architects from all over the United States. The main headquarters for the organization is located in Washington DC. Through the American Institute of architects, they are able to offer government advocacy, education, a community redevelopment and also public education, that helps to support the architecture professional field and help to improve its public image. The organization also likes to work with other members from across the United States to help design and also construct within the building industry.

It was in 1857 that the organization was first founded in New York City. When the organization first began it only consisted of 13 architects. Their main motto was to help promote the practical profession and also the scientific profession of all of its members in the organization. It was on February 23rd of 1857 that the group decided to meet and then proudly came together and decided to invite 16 other growing architects into their organization.

Before the American Institute of Architects was first established it was stated that anyone could simply just come along and state at any time that they were an architect whenever they wanted and then be noted as being a professional architect. It was on March 10th of 1857 that the organization had drafted their very first constitution within the organization. This was all done under the name New York Society of architects. Through the years the organization has been known to have been able to grow well beyond anyone’s imagination. They are continuing to grow to this day and are one organization that plans on continuing to better themselves with time.