Andrea McWilliams And Her Role In The Upliftment of Texas

Andrea McWilliams is known for her success in political fundraising abilities in the United States. She has been in the industry for a very long time and knew the industry better than anyone else. No matter who her clients are, she pays close attention to them and ensures that their strategies are implemented properly so that they can get the results they are looking for. It is her passion for the profession that has helped her gain the respect she has from her colleagues, her clients, and her juniors. She is an inspiration to those looking to join the industry.

Andrea McWilliams lives in Texas and has done more for the community there than anyone else. She has been part of many local activities that works towards the upliftment of the people. She has also been part of many charity organizations that works towards different causes. She not only helps them by raising funds but also takes an active part in its day-to-day decision making. She is also part of cancer organizations that helps people with cancer. Being a survivor herself, Andrea McWilliams understands the importance of support during this difficult times. She spends time with other cancer patients and gives them the motivation to get through the treatment and achieve their dreams.

Andrea McWilliams has received numerous awards for her contribution towards the betterment of the Texas state and its community. She was awarded the Profiles in Power Award that is given only to a chosen few. She also received the Woman of Distinction Award from the Girl Scouts of Central Texas. Back in 2012, she was recognized for her achievement by being awarded the Austin Under 40 Award. Andrea McWilliams is also the member of the Austin American-Statesman’s Glossy Eight List that only a few people get a chance to be in.

Wessex Journals: The Importance of Cultural Heritage

The Wessex journal called the International Journal of Heritage Architecture is an informative read. What makes it so significant its attention to the area of cultural heritage. For the sake of humanity, cultural heritage is something that needs to be taken more seriously. It is important we preserve things such as the Stonehenge, the pyramids of Egypt, the Mayan ruins, and so forth. These historic places and sights contain important information about our past and serve as a reminder about human civilization.

The contributions made by other cultures are indeed noteworthy. In fact, we inherited a series of mannerisms from these places. This also includes how modern day structures are built. Whether directly or indirectly, these places had an impact in our lives. Presently, many historic sites are facing the possibility of being destroyed. Unfortunately, war has already taken away many historic places. Collectively, humanity needs to address their importance.

Adam Goldenberg: Co-Founder Of The Successful JustFab And Fabletics Brands

When Adam Goldenberg co-founded the online subscription fashion companies JustFab and Fabletics, he didn’t have a background in fashion. But Goldenberg was an entrepreneur that knows how to identify and tap into trends. He has been doing that since as a 15 year old he founded Gamer’s Alliance according to Since then he has used his ability to identify the needs of the public to create a whole host of successful companies and generate hundreds of millions of dollars. Now with JustFab and Fabletics Adam Goldenberg is drawing on his business experience to grow the companies and develop these unique brands.

With JustFab and Fabletics Adam Goldenberg, Don Ressler and Fabletics co-founder Kate Hudson are launching fashion companies that are reshaping the fashion e-commerce landscape. They are combining fun, style, comfort and convenience with a unique marketing model. They are also tapping into the passion for fashion of co-founder Kate Hudson and JustFab president fashion icon Kimora Lee Simmons. Add Don Ressler’s talent for marketing on and it’s not surprising the JustFab and Fabletics teams have enjoyed so much success. Together they have taken the online fashion industry by storm.

With these two companies Adam Goldenberg and his partners have created a personalized online shopping experience. It merges cutting-edge fashion with social interaction and delivers comfortable, stylish, ready-to-wear clothing at affordable prices. They have been able to seize this largely untapped opportunity by making the experience of buying their fashions online engaging, fun and highly social. Goldenberg and his co-founders have created a subscription model that’s attractive, interactive, easy-to-use and delivers a great selection of clothing, handbags, shoes and accessories that matches its members’ taste.

The JustFab and Fabletics business model keeps member engagement high. The clothing members receive is based on their previously expressed fashion preferences with input from the company’s ‘style teams’. And now the companies are reaching out to an even broader audience at In 2016 JustFab and Fabletics kicked off their ‘all sizes’ campaign. It’s a celebration of women of all shapes and sizes and an invitation to them to enjoy the beautiful, stylish, comfortable clothing the companies offer.

Fabletics is now opening as many as 100 brick and mortar stores worldwide.

Their millions of members help decide what styles are in stores in their area. It’s all part of the interaction between members and management Adam Goldenberg and his team envisioned when they conceptualized this new fashion subscription model.

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

Jason Helpers is a developer in real estate in charge of his family business since 2010. He is part of a third generation company dealing in real estate with an over 50year experience and outstanding track in construction and property management. He has a fast-paced liver, combining fatherhood and career at Helpers Enterprises, a Westchester firm founded by his father and rebranded as JMH in the late 1990s.The forty two year old is the principal of JHM Developers, a top developer in real estate in the United States which provides full services in real estate for both commercial and residential property, based in the New York City with some of its projects running in Miami. Halpern loves to race cars, which he gave up due to financial problems, which forced him to leave it and focus his attention to running the family business.

Jason Halpern with his Mates

JMH provides high quality and long lasting property born out of its unique knowledge of the market, skill and on-site expertise. Today, the company is pioneer of the industry because of this great achievements.

Jason Halpern with Model, Milana and Richard

Jason and his company have a peculiar passion for developing real estates in historic towns. He does this by maintaining a strong relationship with the communities around where he builds, which is the greatest value upheld by his company throughout their operations. MH focuses on reusing adaptable projects and historical site restoration .JMH is known for its many outstanding projects, the the Townhouses of Cobble Hill, where 9 luxury townhouses were added.

Jason’s Own Time

Joel A Helpers Trauma Center at Westchester Medical Centre is a major beneficiary of Helpers contributions. The Centre is equipped with relevant talent and technology for open heart surgery, complicated neurosurgery and orthopedic surgery.

Jason’s Family

As another way of giving to charity, JMH in 2015 launched a collaboration with global water, a nonprofit organization, giving part of their earnings to finance water projects in Ethiopia and Nepal.



John Goullet A Man Of Calculated Brilliance

 As the current Chairman at Diversant LLC which he has stood proudly as for the past seven years and two months since the February of 2010, John Goullet dedicates his life to searching for progress and fighting for it’s presence in our collective future. As chairman of the greatest African American owned IT firm which actively deals head on with solutions as well as staffing to provide the best possible quality work done for their clients, Diversant LLC is fighting for positive change in the business world through it’s visionary point of view. Holding great confidence in their abilities to create unique, transformative ideas to better support their clients and the vision of not only the company but also of every single individual of whom they represent, John Goullet assists the phenomenal company to the best of his abilities in order to secure Diversant LLC the success it is so well deserving of.

Attending the Ursinus College from the years 1979 through until his graduation in 1983, John Goullet has always been someone who stands tall and gets things done. In fact, in his very first professional position, Goullet became the owner and Chief Executive Officer of a company by the name of Info Technologies, Inc back in the year of 1994 in the month of January where he stayed for the bulk of his career. Dedicating more than fifteen years of loyal service to the company, John Goullet left in the February of 2010 when he decided it was time to take another step in his pursuits for making a positive difference in the world of business through the practice of supporting the goals and dreams of his clients at a personal level so that they too could feel secure and one day taste the fantastic success that John was able to earn and secure for himself through long hours of hard work and passionate drive for the future.

John Goullet has never been a man who takes off more than he can chew. He knows his limits and humbly accepts while inspiring others to respect themselves as well.

The journey of a hundred thousand miles that Doug Levitt took to gather experiences that will last several lifetimes

When was the last time that you interacted with a person from the other side of the society? Well, dropping a coin into the grocery store’s donation box is commendable, but have you ever actually interacted with people who have done time in the correctional facilities, or the homeless? Well, this is the part of society that Doug Levitt was targeting when he started on his journey of hundreds of thousands of miles across the country. A decade later and thousands of experiences after he boarded the first Greyhound bus, Doug is back with a collection of inspiring images and a profound musical album about the human condition.


For Doug Levitt, the journey of understanding the human condition did not start when he boarded the bus; there is a series of events that prepared him for the path that he finally took as an artist. Doug is the youngest son of the Washington D.C City Council Member and Candidate for the Mayor’s Seat, Carol Schwartz. When Levitt was 16, his father committed suicide, something which shocked him. I t also created a need for him to understand the human condition. He continued his undergraduate studies and graduated from the Woodrow Wilson High School. He proceeded to Cornell University and later earned a Full Bright Scholarship to study International Relations at the London School of Economics.


He was a foreign correspondent for some of the international media houses before he quit, embarking on his decade-long journey. When he started, he wanted to traverse the country and gather experiences from people who had had the roughest from life and were still pushing on. He has met and interacted with ex-convicts, illegal immigrants, jobless and homeless people, refugees of wars and many other people experiencing the toughness of life.


Besides the beautiful musical album that came from his experiences, Doug has also managed to capture more than 20,000 images of the people and situations that were part of his journey. These have been exhibited at the Kennedy Center and many other locations around the country. His journey is a real inspiration to everyone.